Friday, 18 December 2020
Is that a sin being a migrant? case ofB. EMENZIE

a victim of sexual violence breaks the nightmare.

Mrs. Joy a Nigerian lady met a young girl abandoned after physical treatments and psychological affects. in the below video, she explains  how she rescued a young girl from death. One APS volunteer lead herto our office in Agadez in Niger Republic. How did it happen?

 The chance was in favour of B. EMENZIE.

 The girl of the violence was extremely affected. Despite the first help APS offered to the girl with the medical assistance of Red Cross in Agadez, that girl is still unable to tell what she lived for along period in Libya. To conduct our interview, only Mrs. Joy who made the trip from Sebha (a libyan city) to Agadez told the story. Girl EMENZIE hardly pronounces words out of her mouth because of her health condition.  

 Girls in situations like EMENZIE's are many. Mrs. Joy, as a saver, sends an important speech to all who attemp to have an eye contact on migration challenges.

Mrs. Joy faces all the challenges to find EMENZIE's family since she could not make the way by herself. APS is engaged to spread the sufferings of the subsaharan migrants. Since a volunteer could facilitate to rehabilitate the family link to EMENZIE, APS coordination offers a financial transport and food support to the two ladies from Agadez (Niger Republic) to Kano (Nigeria State). There will be a follow-up from APS to get information from that rescued girl until she reaches her parents and siblings in Imo State (Nigeria).