Friday, 25 December 2020
Migrants and Christian Orphans Together on Christmas Eve 2020

Living away from loved ones during the holiday season is not always easy. But circumstances can impose it. There are always opportunities to create a framework for celebration. At the APS office in Agadez, Christmas 2020 will remain for a long time a memorable moment.
They are 50 (including 11 girls of various ages) to attend the appointment of APS on December 24, 2020. Among them, 33 migrants and 17 children. Among the 17 children, some of them orphans and others abandoned by their biological parents, live in the church "GIDAN ALBARKA" or "HOME OF HAPPINESS" in the urban municipality of Agadez, led by Pastor Danjuma BAWA.
The singularity of this very collective kitchen lies in the condition of its dress which coincides with the celebration of the Christian feast of Christmas 2020. It recalls the organization of the special Tabaski event of 04.08.2020 dedicated to the Muslim community of migrants blocked in Agadez that APS has deemed it useful to live the experience.
The festive setting allowed the migrants and orphans present at the ceremony to feel like family. The various testimonials collected show the joy that illuminated the hearts of the guests. Sincere thanks and best wishes are addressed not only to the APS network for the practical organization, but especially to the various financial partners who make these activities possible.
At the end of the special evening dedicated to people of Christian faith, the APS team wishes a Merry Christmas to all and in particular to those who could not celebrate this year's event for various reasons including the lack of biological family, the corona virus pandemic and the policy of externalization of borders advocated by the European Union.