Thursday, 18 July 2019
Minor refugees march into the desert in protest

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Sudanese minors who had been at the UNHCR refugee camp in Agadez/Niger have left the refugee camp on 18th of July to march through the desert towards Libya. Their criticism is that their asylum procedures are not advancing and the UNHCR representative so far has not kept her promises to provide solutions. Some of them have been brought to hospital due to their health conditions.

According to the representatives of UNHCR, at least the majority of the sudanese minors finally returned to the camp. The Alarme Phone Sahara Team in Agadez is trying to find out if there are still any of the youngsters who continue marching through the desert. 

The sudanese minors are part of the numerous refugees and migrants who are presently blocked in Niger as a result of European policies to close down borders to force people to stay on African soil at any cost.

The world has to acknowledge: For the Sudanese refugees, it is neither a solution to stay blocked in Niger, nor to be trapped in war torn Libya.

In solidarity with them, Alarme Phone Sahara demands to give them access to a country of their choice where they can live in safe conditions!

Alarme Phone Sahara calls to support the Sudanese minor refugees on their march, like any person moving through the desert, to arrive safely and suffer no harm!


New updates will follow.

Together for Freedom of Movement!