Friday, 17 March 2023
Testimonies of two Guinean migrants deported from Algeria, Assamaka 17 March 2023

The two persons were interviewed by the Alarme Phone Sahara team:

"Since our arrival, IOM has left us outside. They don't give us food. That means they haven't even taken care of us yet. We found others still outside. They are sleeping outside. They don't eat. Sometimes it can even happen that someone breaks down.

We have to beg there. Because here, if you don't have a family that you're going to call to give you some money to eat, it's not easy. Did you see that?

I want to look for a call to my family to give me some money. Or I ask a little, a little until I am accepted by IOM. If they accepted me...

But now I sleep outside, without a mat, without a blanket, without food every day.

(...) They told me, at the moment, you can stay outside for a month. Then they will accept you. That's too much! Others one month, others one month and some, others 3 weeks. At the moment their work is not normal! Because there are others who will come, their situation is a bit difficult. If you don't have the money, it's not easy.“



"I came here, I was here for a month or so. We came, we found the people here. We stayed outside, almost three weeks, IOM didn't even look at us. The director even. He, some time he will come in front of us, he will say he doesn't know us, otherwise we are here. That those who came before who are in the camp that he knows. He doesn't know us. That if we want, we'll call for money, we'll try to go back.

We don't eat, there's no water, there's nothing. That's it, we are suffering. Even where I am like this, I am sick. There is no food. Where we sleep here, you have seen, every day someone gets sick, every day. There is no food. The IOM does not care (...)

We came on 27 January. First month. Until now, we haven't left here. To eat is also impossible. (...) There is nothing coordinated here. We want the director to be changed. His behaviour is not good. Someone must not suffer here. It's unbelievable to stay here. (...)"